For years, I didn’t feel like I had control over my own body and mind.

Even as I was years into learning this “crunchy” lifestyle, I was still losing my hair from the stress of not getting my 7-8 every night. 

One day I tried a product that I’d heard about and had on hand in my wellness cabinet, but I’d been skeptical because how was an 1 ingredient product going to work when I’d tried X, Y, and Z.

This time it worked! Now my life is dramatically different! I used to just get by on what little time I was getting at night, but my wellness and family suffered for it. 

My stress levels are down because I’m getting my 7-8 without staring at the ceiling or feeling like a train hit me the next day. 

Now I’m passionate! I’m on a mission to help a whole lot of y’all break free and empower you with the knowledge and resources that I’ve worked over 9 years to get myself! 

Come join our group of fearless mamas and learn how you can find the same freedom that I have with the knowledge and information in our exclusive community

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