Every year for Lent, I try to give up something that I use or do every day in order to get closer to Jesus. This year I decided to give up sugar. 

I have always loved sweets! Chocolate…BROWNIES…Cherry Coke from Sonic…Cheesecake!!! When I think of them I just swoon. I’m so in love. So addicted!

Weeks went on and giving up sugar kept coming to mind when I thought about giving something up for Lent. When I thought about giving up sugar, I just kept being promoted to do it. My body, my Jesus, my friends, my newsfeed were all telling me the same thing. Get rid of the sugar and you will feel better. 

I’ve done it before, and it was so hard. But lately I’ve been retaining so much water, and my joints hurt. The inflammation is making me so sluggish and immobile that I knew in my heart it would be the best thing for me. 

Little did I realize that giving up sugar meant I’d be giving up caffeine too, because all of the caffeine that I drink has sugar in it. And without the sugar, sweet tea is just brown water. Am I right?

Scrolling through some of my health and wellness groups a few weeks ago I found a post about giving up sugar and caffeine and that Nitro helps with the cravings. I thought to myself that this is one of those things I never want to be without, doesn’t give me the jitters like a lot of products do, and I tend to get so much more done when I use Nitro. 

Nitro is a juice shot that helps with cognitive fitness. What does that mean? Well it doesn’t rely on caffeine to give you energy. It uses lots of vitamin B, essential oils and other goodness (a little caffeine from green tea that is the only one I can use without having it effect my heart) to help focus your mind on what you are doing. If you get that mental fog, just need a boost to get through your day but don’t want to rely on regular energy drinks, or a cup of coffee, this is your thing. This is MY thing that works for me and has for several years. 

So the way I usually use this is if I’m going to have an active day, I take one of these with my supplements in the morning. I get things done, play with the kids, walk what seems like a million miles, drive sometimes for hours, or the many other reasons I need to be alert and focus my energy on what’s at hand. If I need another one in the afternoon, I willl take one around lunch or a little later, but never late. Because in my experience, lots of these shots on the market have kept me up for 36-48 hours at a time. So I’ve never taken one past about 3PM and that was when I knew I’d be staying up late or all night. 

Well that was until now. You can see my daily updates on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@christidaugherty on how I’m doing on my Sugar and Caffeine fast, but let me give you a sneak peak. It works really well! Minimal cravings, sleeping well although I’m taking more Nitro that I’ve ever taken before and get this…no caffeine withdrawal headache! @christidaugherty End of day 1 results of no sugar and no caffeine. #sugarfree#CaffieneFree#momofadults#lent#plussizehealth#sugar♬ original sound – Christi Daugherty

So the protocol using Nitro shots for help with cravings associated with Sugar and Caffeine fasting is as follows:

Day 1: 5 Nitro Shots

Day 2: 4 Nitro Shots

Day 3: 3 Nitro Shots

Day 4: 2 Nitro Shots

Day 5: 1 Nitro Shot

Day 6: 0 Nitro Shots

I started Ash Wednesday out with a shot at mealtime and one between meals and it worked really great for me. I did have cravings, but they quickly went away. That night someone asked me if I’d had headaches, and um…no not at all that first day, or second. Third I had a headache that was induced by something else entirely and the shot helped with that and I increased my water that day. 

I’m not saying that Nitro is magic. Not at all. But it is a great tool if you want to give up sugar, caffeine or both. I’ve been drinking more water than I have probably in a year or more. I feel better, albeit a little more tired than I was last week. That could be from a number of factors including my husband has been on nights, not getting enough rest (just getting up super early some days) and a few other things. 

If you want to get your Nitro today, here’s the link: https://www.myyl.com/misschristi#bwm/sugar-and-caffeine-fast

Here’s some tips on how to get the best deal: https://misschristi.com/blog/18955/get-the-best-deal-

As always, you can contact me for more information and if you have any questions. <contact>