You only really need your oils to get started, but as you learn more and want to DIY you will find that you will want some roller bottles, spray bottles, inhalers and other things to make using your oils more accessible and easier as you make the transition to a healthier home. Here are some of my must haves.

These little sprayer tops will fit our 5mL and 10mL bottles, so save those empties! These can be used as mask sprays, bug repellant, perfume, or keep in your purse for poo-pouri type spray on the go.

 A good reference book is something I highly recommend. There are a few versions and all editions are good to have on hand because although they can be updated, the older versions can have information they couldn’t keep in the newer versions simply because the book would be too large to use. 

This pocket reference has a lot of great information on the oils and supplements from Young Living and comes in a Kindle format which I just now found out about!

The full version, 8th edition is only available at Life Science at the moment, but you may find older versions new and used (7th edition used for $27 right now!) on Amazon. or

This is a different author, but still a great resource and again used on Amazon is around $16 today. Abundant Health will carry the newest version along with the pocket guides.

 There are tons of roller bottles out there, but if you are just getting started, these are a good place to start. You get some labels and the little purple device helps you open the bottles to fill. You can find all kinds of fancy roller bottles on Etsy, but start here. These have over 5,600 reviews right now and very inexpensive. Definitely a great way to carry your oils with you and to stretch your oils by adding V6 from Young Living or another carrier oil.

 These funny looking things are Nasal Inhalers. They are super easy and a great way to use your oils. You just add oils to the cotton and put it in the inhaler, close it up and you have yourself a little Stress Away in your pocket that you can inhale at any time. Works so well! Great for upper respiratory support too!

If you need a 4 oz Spray Bottle for the famous Mermaid Hair spray for healthier hair? This is just what you are looking for!

This may be one of my favorite DIY bottles. They have a continuous fine spray almost like an aerosol, but its a pump. I use this for DIY skin sprays or room sprays. Such a good way to get an even application, especially when you need to spray down those fast little toddlers before they run off outside in all the bugs! LOL

If you haven’t gotten yourself a bottle of our concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner, you need one. Ask me how if you don’t have a YL account, because well…you just never know what you are going to need to clean and this stuff cleans EVERYTHING! These amber bottles are the exact size that you need to make a bottle of cleaner for the kitchen and each bathroom. With over 25,000 reviews, I bet you will like them too! Ok, so they look a little plain, but did you know that our e-Zine has a printable label for these bottles?

The last thing on my list is this nebulizer. After years of struggling with upper respiratory problems, I can say this is one of the key components to me feeling so much better. Grab some saline and 3% Peroxide too, but this little baby is something that is now, after 10 years of me using my YL oils and not knowing this little secret, a must have for my home.

This is by far not a complete list and it will likely update as I find new things or remember things that I forgot to add. I did add affiliate links to some of these items, so that just means that I get compensated a few cents on your purchase and that helps me to keep bringing you more tips and help. 

As always, please let me know if there’s any way I can help you with your oily needs!