Church is to the sinner as the Hospital is to the sick.

Church is to the sinner as the Hospital is to the sick. When someone gets really sick and they want to get better, they go to the hospital. When a Christian is struggling with sin and wants help, he goes to church. The doctor is there to help, just as the pastor and others in the church are there to help the sinner. The church is a hospital for sinners! It is ridiculous to think that it is a building full of perfect people. Am I right? I don’t know one person that is perfect on this Earth. There’s only been one and that was Jesus. Just as the Hospital is full of sick people, the church is full of sinners that are there to become well in spirit.

Church is to the sinner as the Hospital is to the sick.

What I find confusing is that we are all in a huge uproar when someone is refused medical care, but there are times when the sinner wants help and the church turns their backs on them. I’m not talking about the person who doesn’t admit that they have a problem, or when that person has refused the help of the church. What I mean is when someone is genuinely working on themselves through several avenues to overcome their sins and how they have hurt others, but yet they must jump through hoops to prove that they have repented so that the church will help them. Something is wrong with this picture!
How does anyone know if someone else truly has repented? I don’t know a lot about the Catholic church, but I believe that confessing your sins and doing your penance that the priest gives you is enough there and in the protestant church you do this with Jesus Christ alone. Do I have this right? And even so only you and Jesus will know your heart. There isn’t a magic question, and I don’t believe that truth serum is used in the church in this case either.


The slate is wiped clean.

A stumbling man that asks for forgiveness is forgiven by Jesus immediately. The slate is wiped clean. Why do we as fellow Christians, as the church of God, the body of Christ not forgive as the Bible has taught us?
“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). How can we carry each other’s burdens unless we know what those burdens are? How can we know unless we meet each other regularly? If these people who are sinners are not in church because they don’t feel welcome, or God forbid they have been asked not to return!!! How can we carry their burdens? How does this help the sinners?
Church is not just about going and sitting a pew to hear a sermon on Sunday and then go have a good lunch with your family and go about your life. It’s not just about what you get out of church, it’s about what you put INTO the church. How do you help others? It’s about giving! This isn’t just about Christians helping Christians, it is sinners helping sinners! It is helping each other so that we can be a family that’s working for God and not for the enemy!

Carry Burden
It is time for us to open the doors of the church to everyone! It is time for us to minister to the sinners! It is time for us to stop turning people away because of their color, their background, and for what they have done in the past! If they want to come to church, that is a big step because so many churches are not welcoming to sinners. It’s downright scary to go into a church for some people, and those people are the ones who need to be there.

If people see Christians treating other Christians the way I see them being treated, how are we going to bring more people to God? No one wants to go to church to be treated the way some in the church are being treated. This is not the how you attract people to God! It’s time for the church to get on their knees and pray for forgiveness on how we treat each other and those outside of the church. God show us the way!
What sin should have the greatest consequence in the church? Which sin cannot be forgiven (other than blasphemy)? Who is not worthy of joining a church service? When do we as the body of Christ stop helping our fellow Christians?  I leave these questions for you to ponder.

 Church is to the sinner as the Hospital is to the sick.


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    The church is a broken institution that will never meet the needs of the people – sinners or saints. We need to break free of the system and get back to the basics – to the community that the Bible talks about.

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