Why did Miss Christi start selling natural makeup?

Why did this essential oil wearing, non-makeup (rarely) wearing, mom of 5 decide to start selling natural makeup?

Our girls have been playing with makup for years, but when it came to actually wearing more than lipgloss to school, as a mom I wanted out girls to wear natural makeup. Kids absorb an insane amount of any product that comes in contact with the skin, and when I started thinking about the skin problems that I had with makeup as a teen, I wanted the best for our girls. In comes a great naturally based makeup company…

As a mom to 2 tween girls, I’ve found that I’ve become more and more concerned with what they are using in their natural skincare routine. The biggest problem that we have been having is the makeup itself. So we decided to sign up with Younique, a great company who offers 100% natural mineral pigment and other natural based makeup and skincare. Natural makeup was a big seller for Younique with this mom. Makeup for tween girls is something that many of us face as mom’s, and this is the best alternative that I have found to date that makes sense for our household.


If you are interested in trying natural makeup:

Younique is a makeup company that sells naturally based makeup. If you have ever used mineral makeup, you will be impressed with the 100% natural mineral pigments that we have swapped over to made by Younique. I’d be happy to help you make your selections or answer any questions that you have regarding skincare and makeup for you, your teens and tweens. We have been very impressed with all of the products, so much that as a family we decided to sign up with Younique as a presenter. I hope that you find the quality of the natural makeup as amazing as we do.  Do you want to try their products?

Check out more here: MascaraFairy.com

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