Going on a Facebook Diet

I have been waiting in the wings watching how less stressed out my husband is since he’s been on a Facebook diet. He made the decision a few weeks ago not to actively participate on the social media platform except maybe for a few minutes a day. Funny thing is, he’s not even doing that most days now. He’s been a lot more attentive to the family and has even deep cleaned most of my kitchen!

I think I need this peace that being on a Facebook diet has brought my husband!

Facebook Diet
Last night we got home from a long night at church and after we went to bed, my husband was filling me in on the debate. So of course I checked Facebook, because that’s my news channel and it had been hours since I had checked in to feel the pulse of the social media world.
It only took me a few seconds to regret my last minute check in.

The negativity and filthy language that was spewing from so many lovely friends of mine was making my pulse beat like a loud drum. I quickly turned my phone off and started thinking that I’d take time off of the social media platform this week, but then it hit me! I run a business that’s online! How can I do that?

I thought that a Facebook diet was in order.

A diet doesn’t mean that I can’t have any Facebook, but only the parts that are good for me. My business group is the first on my list to make sure that I keep up with my team. The marketing group that I’m enjoying so much is also at the top of my list along with a few other groups that I need to keep in touch with this week.
The short of it is I am going to be using my bookmarks to visit those groups and NOT scrolling my timeline where I’m still being bombarded by disgusting posts about Trump and Clinton this morning. How stressful is it to see all of those posts from last night! Not anymore!
I already feel less stress from this week and KNOW that I will be getting a lot more done by updating my Miss Christi page from Hootsuite and only going to the handful of groups to check on things this week.

More tips on cutting the stress with a Facebook Diet.

I challenge you to take the Facebook Diet challenge this week!

Take the week to only check out the important things and leave the negative of Facebook behind!
Comment below if you are going on a Facebook Diet this week!

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