Miss Christi’s Classroom- The Non Toxic Classroom with FREE Classes

Miss Christi’s Classroom is open and ready!

Grab your pen and paper and get ready to learn in a fun and uplifting, non toxic classroom. There will be lots to learn about making your home a safer, less toxic home place for your family. You will learn lots of new recipes to help support your family.

  • Got a kid with first day of school jitters? Adobe Spark (32)
  • Want to learn how to make your own sunscreen? Check!
  • DIY beard oil for your hubby that smells OH SO GOOD! You got it!
  •  Need  to reduce your monthly cleaning budget? Learning this 1 bottle secret!
  • Got wrinkles and don’t want to use toxic measures? We will show you how to get your baby smooth skin back!


I know how hard it is to find all of this information, and especially have it all in one place without getting overwhelmed. That’s why I have made this classroom for my friends and family. I thought that I should let you join us on our mission to become a non toxic classroom and home.

We have many classes scheduled and many more in the works! We have so many great ideas for the new and upcoming classroom. There will be some giveaways for certain classes, and I promised you won’t be bored! I can’t wait to meet you in the non toxic classroom!

Miss Christi’s Classroom will be the place where you can learn more about the non toxic home including these classes:

  • Non Toxic Beauty Routine
  • Toxin Free Home
  • Essential Oils 101
  • Back to School with Essential Oils
  • Beyond the basics with Essential Oils
  • Natural Hormone Support
  • Essential Oils for Your Man

…more coming soon!




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