Using essential oils in time of stress.

Some days I think that I’m being tested. Maybe I am. One thing that’s helped me get through the last 3 years is using essential oils in time of stress. It can be small things that happen like when I burned dinner. It can be big things like when my son was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and needs major surgery.


That word still causes me anxiety.  In the last 3 years my mom and 3 of her sisters have died of cancer. My son’s genetic disorder is linked to that cancer. We are going to be visiting a cancer center for his surgery and treatment 3 states away.

I was once on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

For short periods of time. They really did a number on me. I couldn’t sleep without adding Benadryl…4 pills every night. I got addicted to Benadryl. If you have ever relied on any medication either over the counter or prescription to just get out of bed every day, or get in bed every day, you know that it feels like a prison.

3 years ago, I decided to start trying to break free.

I ordered my kit of oils from Young Living. I started out with using Peace & Calming and Joy. What’s funny is they do exactly what they say they do. Peace & Calming gives me a very calm feeling of peace. My anxiety would stop within a few minutes of applying it to my wrists. I applied Joy like perfume in the first few months.  I would catch myself smiling and giggling with the kids, something that didn’t always happen before.

3 oils for stress and anxiety

Later I found other ways to use these two oil blends, and I added 2 more that came in roll on applicators. Stress Away (now comes in the Premium Starter Kit) and RutaVala. I also was given a necklace with a small bottle diffuser that I used a lot when I was very stressed. A couple drops of Joy last all day. A diffuser helped when the whole house was in an uproar after my mom passed and I couldn’t handle the stress. A couple drops of Peace & Calming made all the difference.

I spilled the oil.

I once was sitting in my lawyers office, getting ready to testify in a very emotional court case and I dropped my bottle of Stress Away. A good bit spilled, but then I got a lot on me when I picked the bottle up also. Guess what? I wasn’t nervous during my testimony, even with a really nasty lawyer trying to get me to say the wrong thing on the stand.

Then there were anxiety attacks.

My husband  and I have had anxiety attacks in the past in the middle of very stressful times. We have watched his blood pressure go down within SECONDS of using essential oils in time of stress. The ER doctors have told us just to keep doing what we are doing. That’s what every doctor that has seen us has said about everything we have talked to them about when using essential oils.

Our family has made a huge change in how we deal with stress. Essential oils have been a gift from God.


3 of these oils come in the Premium starter Kit, plus 8 more great oils and a great diffuser. Purchase a kit and you can get your essential oils and other products and wholesale for an entire year, PLUS great support from our team in a private Facebook group. Sign up today and start using essential oils in time of stress.

starter kit



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