Working from home with my kids – Pro’s and Con’s

I thought working from home with my kids was the best thing for our family. That is with kids, because they need help with homework, more supervision, a mom that can come to the school events and stuff too. What I didn’t realize is that it’s just as important when they are teenagers.first-day-2016-5-take-2

Being the mom of 5 teenagers has been a big eye opener. The last minute changes of schedule, and some of the kids who don’t drive yet need to be picked up. The teacher conferences. Oh! My! Word! Game day rituals which include the 2 cheerleaders getting up early twice a week and usually forgetting to make signs, and those late, late nights at away games. Honestly, I don’t know how mom’s that work out of the home do it all! I can barely keep up and I make my own hours!

I’m not saying working from home with my kids was an easy choice.

Here’s some of the Pro’s and con’s that I’ve found, working from home with my kids.

Con: I miss my friends from work, eating out by myself more and visiting the local yarn shop that was just next door to my job. Boy I loved hanging out with my knitting friends and buying enough yarn to knit a  blanket  that covers Texas!

Con: What I don’t miss is having to dress a certain way and being on my feet all day long! Con: Standing on hard floors for 8-9 hours a day made my feet feel like they were going to throb off my legs and just keep going until they washed away into the Gulf of Mexico!!! But seriously, they hurt like heck!

Con: I don’t miss the office politics, meeting darn sales quotas and not being able to trust anyone to handle important things on my day off.

Pro: Don’t get me wrong, I loved my customers. I still talk to some of them today. But I LOVE working from home with my kids better than I love all of my kids from work.

There are still good days and bad days in my office.

Con: Days I’m not productive enough for my liking.  Pro: But I can catch up after the kids go to bed, or when they are off to school.

Pro: A big perk is that all of the kids and their friends and especially their love interests!!! Know that I’m watching them on social media. I’m the go to for social media in my area because of the great training that I’ve had and still getting! (You can join me every Wednesday here: )

Pro: The kids are teenagers now and social media is live. I’m the “cool mom” because I teach them things on social media and even Snapchat  with them while they are at school! OOPS! Did I say that! YES I DID! Ha!!

 One of my biggest loves of working from home with my kids, is helping other mom’s do the same!

Pro: I also love helping other mom’s get to stay at home with their kids because working from home with my kids has been inspirational to them and they want to do the same thing. I love asking questions about what I do when I say I work from home. Its easy! It just takes learning small things and putting them into action. Just ask me and I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about it. Comment below or find me on Facebook at Miss Christi to send me a message, I would love to hear from you! 🙂


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