Request a CUSTOMIZED Beautycounter Catalog

You’ve found the right place to request a customized Beautycounter Catalog!! What? Customized? YES! After a brief consultation, I will customize a catalog for you with recommendations that are specifically for YOU! Want an un-customized version, sure that’s okay too! Just say so. Beautycounter offers safer ingredients in high performing makeup, skincare and other personal products. […]

Working from home with my kids – Pro’s and Con’s

Working from home with my kids

I thought working from home with my kids was the best thing for our family. That is with kids, because they need help with homework, more supervision, a mom that can come to the school events and stuff too. What I didn’t realize is that it’s just as important when they are teenagers. Being the […]

Pray as if your prayers have already been answered.

Your prayers have already been answered

  What do you want out of life?A new car, a new home, another baby, a better job, more money, a better prayer life, more free time? Do you find yourself praying for all of these things and more? But how do you pray? Do you beg and plead? Just pray,  your prayers have already […]

Going on a Facebook Diet


I have been waiting in the wings watching how less stressed out my husband is since he’s been on a Facebook diet. He made the decision a few weeks ago not to actively participate on the social media platform except maybe for a few minutes a day. Funny thing is, he’s not even doing that […]

Teamwork encourages prayer

Encouraging Prayer

​ As I watched my girls in the last minutes before leaving for school this morning, I realized how my prayer has been to encourage teamwork in them is really paying off. Not that they always get along, as sisters often do not get along. As a mom of teenagers, I often encourage teamwork, but […]

Using essential oils in time of stress.

3 oils for stress and anxiety

Some days I think that I’m being tested. Maybe I am. One thing that’s helped me get through the last 3 years is using essential oils in time of stress. It can be small things that happen like when I burned dinner. It can be big things like when my son was recently diagnosed with […]